Different types of Readings

Spiritual Therapy

Will help with any and all of Life’s problems

One Reading will amaze you... telling Past Present & Future

Reuniting Love * Tarot Card Reading * Psychic Reading Meditation
* Chakra Balancing * Aura Cleaning
Different types of Readings    

 Chakra Balancing Therapy
getting in tune with your chakras is KEY to feeling balanced in life opening uproar chakras system and allowing energy to flow releases any type of stagnancy that has been going on chakras affect a person in every aspect of their life whether it be love health even connections around them By incorporating certain colors or stones in meditation you are able to connect deeper to yourself and create movement spiritual and physically in your life and every aspect..


Energy work
This is a service that focuses on your overall spiritual being
Feel as though you have a blockage ? continuing to hit a wall?
This process gets to the root of any blockage that you may have going on whether its a psychic person that has been holding you back or spiritual we would be able to identify with it and remove it


Reuniting love
This can only be done if the connection is MEANT!
I cannot do something that is not Gods Will this is not for everyone