Different types of Readings

Spiritual Therapy

Will help with any and all of Life’s problems

One Reading will amaze you... telling Past Present & Future

Reuniting Love * Tarot Card Reading * Psychic Reading Meditation
* Chakra Balancing * Aura Cleaning
Different types of Readings    

An Spiritual Psychic energy reading.
Focuses on all aspects of life and gives guidance I do not sugarcoat and i am straight to the point i cannot tell you what you want to hear Are you feeling Confused? at a cross roads? or depressed
let my Guides Help Guide you!
this is a complete Life reading tells past present and future.


Love reading
focuses on love I will be able to focus on the connections around you finding out your future and where your path is headed looking into compatibility and connections around you offering you guidance to better direct so you can place your focus and energy where it really matters Not sure if he or she is the one? This is what I would suggest for you



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